Brock and the Badgers were originally formed in the early 1970s as a five-piece outfit, and with the exception of Jess Lidyard (Drums) consisted of a bunch of schoolmates who all wanted to play live music in public. Playing regularly throughout the ‘70s, the band was dissolved in 1979 and never re-formed until the millennium. The band has always been a “pub band” playing mostly in and around the Thames Valley in the South-east of England, and via many different line-ups over the years has now morphed into its current three-piece mainstay of Mark Bond, Jess Lidyard, and Sheila Riley.

The band ‘s music could be broadly classified under the “blues-rock” genre, mixing blues and rock covers with original material produced over the last decade and released on several CDs (the last two of which are still available to buy – see CDs section).


These change all the time, but if you plan to see the band live, you can be sure of catching plenty of covers originally by what Bond calls the “Holy Trinity” – Jimi, Rory, and Eric.


Our last two albums (“Tales From The Riverbank” and “Smash Hits”) are regularly revisited when we play live and sometimes we even dig further into our past and re-produce some of our “oldies”.


The line-up has changed many times over the years but the current permanent line-up consists of

MARK BOND – Guitar and Vocals


SHEILA RILEY – Bass and Backing Vocals

Both Bond and Lidyard are original founder members of the band. Riley joined in 2010. In addition to the above permanent line-up, we are regularly joined by another original seventies’ member – Simon Walters. Perhaps better known by some as the political editor for The Mail On Sunday, Simon was the original front man for the Badgers back in the ‘seventies, and now regularly appears to belt out some Jack Bruce vocals and let rip on his blues harp…

If you’d like to contact us or book us for a pub or private gig just drop us an email